Covid Policy

First of all, why visit Peru under the current circumstances?

Although one of the most affected countries by Covid, Peru is also highly dependent on tourism. For this reason, national authorities and the private sector have been continuously working on getting ready to offer a safe travel experience.

Besides a few (closed) highlights, most Peruvian attractions can already be experienced without hassle or risk thanks to the safety protocols in place.

At RESPONS (based in Cuzco) we take all measures and precautions very seriously. Our operations cover more or less the whole country, and sometimes beyond borders, so our commitment is to make sure that you enjoy your holidays (no matter where you are) without worries.

RESPONS complies with local (Ministry of Health), regional (Regional Tourism Direction), and global (World Travel & Tourism Council) protocols, moreover, we will put in practice any additional procedure that we consider necessary to bring safety to all parts involved in our operations during your vacations.

In the end, Peru is marvelous and worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, or better: more than once 😉

Moreover, we are frequently updating protocols according to the new knowledge about the pandemic. You can check out our Further information on our procedures section below.

But, what if something, anything! goes wrong due to the pandemic or with your health and you can’t travel to Peru?

We know that it is a possibility, and so, we want to give you peace of mind, as we understand the situation could change at any time.

This is why we adapted our terms and conditions to the point of most flexibility, but please take into consideration that our reach ends where the competence of others begins.

Payment and reimbursement

These times taught us that too much time in advance is not necessarily good, so we only ask for full payment 35 days before your arrival to Peru. Flights are the exception, as to guarantee availability and fares, they must be purchased as soon as you confirm that you are pleased with the itinerary. That means they will need to be paid in advance. There might be some specific services that also need a prepayment and are not reimbursable, like the Inca Trail entrance tickets. These would also have to be paid in advance and are excluded from the late payment policy. We will inform you honestly about these exceptions.

From the moment you made your payment, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 30 days or more before arrival – 0% of the total amount, excluding flight(s)*
  • 29-16 days before arrival – 15% of the total amount, excl. flight(s)*
  • 15-5 days before arrival – 30% of the total amount, excl. flight(s)*
  • 4-3 day(s) before arrival – 50% of the total amount, excl. flight(s)*
  • 48 hours before arrival – we need to charge you 90% of the total amount, excl. flight(s)*

*You can of course book the domestic flight(s) on your own; in this case, the prepayment does not apply. Please note that we can’t assist with any issues concerning flights that haven’t been booked by us.


RESPONS strongly recommends all travelers to have a good travel insurance for the duration of the trip which includes mountain activities. If it can include covering costs in case of molest, social unrest, natural disasters and/or covid-related costs that would be preferable.

In this link, we provide independent research on the best travel insurances, conducted by a third party. Please consider this only as an example of the array of options. We don’t take responsibility; this link is meant for guidance only.

For further explanation on all of the previous subjects please refer to our Policies, Conditions, and other important remarks available online, and also attached to your itinerary.

We’ll be here (and there) for you!

You will realize, very soon, that all communication with us is quick, and it stays like that after the purchase of your trip, and all the way until you get back home.

Every traveler, family, or group, gets a SIM card which will give you constant support from our side. Moreover, every guide, driver, local family, or service supplier in turn, is aware of the procedure to reach out in case of any contingency. 
Twelve years in the business gives us extensive experience dealing with a variety of situations, but don’t get us wrong, this isn’t making us relaxed or confident that nothing unexpected might happen. We are always alert.

Further information on our procedures

Plan for vigilance, prevention, and control over Covid-19 at work, including:

  • Collective preventive measures, infrastructure, and solid waste management
  • Personal protection measures, between coworkers, and with clients and suppliers

Implementation of training obtained by Certification on Covid resilience (by Travelife), involving:

  • Understanding the Coronavirus
  • Personal Protection
  • Business Management
  • The workplace
  • Tour Operators
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations and MICE
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Reputation management

SafeTravels commitment

  • Operational and Staff Preparedness
  • Delivering a Safe Experience
  • Rebuilding Trust & Confidence
  • Implementing Enabling Policies

Workshops on safety and health procedures with suppliers, including:

  • Guides
  • Local families, or communities providing CBT
  • Drivers
  • Small restaurants, and food providers