Lake Titicaca Day Tours in Peru

Only have a day to explore more? Our Lake Titicaca Day Tours let you get active, meet members of the local community, experience local culture, and so much more. Travel beyond the known highlights and experience Lake Titicaca in a unique way!

Peruse our tours below or let’s craft a custom Peru itinerary to include the places and activities you’re seeking. We love creating dream trips to Peru!

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Row on Lake Titicaca in a Polynesian Canoe by sunset - RESPONSible Travel Peru
Soft Adventure Tour

Sunset Row at Lake Titicaca

3 Hours
Availability : April-December
Enjoy a half-day sunset excursion on Lake Titicaca, rowing in Polynesian-style canoes built for 6. It's the perfect way to end you day in Puno!
Local man from Jayujayani playing the charango - RESPONSible Travel Peru
A Unique Cultural Experience!

Hosts of the Great Inca Trail, the Qhapaq Ñan, on Lake Titicaca

3 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
A cultural visit led entirely by the local people. Enjoy walking in a beautiful natural environment and and cultural landscape where families involve travelers in their daily activities.
Man sitting on island floor while using hands and feet when making totora strands | Responsible Travel Peru
See a unique way of living

Chimu Floating Islands

4 Hours
Availability : All year round
Totora reed is a vital resource that allows Chimu people to maintain their way of living, and during this journey you will learn about their culture and surrounding […]

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